Classes for children 3-6 years and 7-11 years
Language ability: Beginners and children
with Spanish background

El Recreo Spanish provides weekly online classes making learning a new language or improving your child's Spanish language skills accessible and fun. We offer age-appropriate and language ability dedicated classes for children 3-6 years and 7-11 years, so if your child is a beginner or has Spanish background they can be taught appropriately and targeting their needs.
Our Spanish tutors are experienced native speakers that will help your child engage in the activities so they feel confident with their learning. 
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Our classes run termly 

Autumn Term - 12 weeks 

From 7th Sep/21 - 11th Dec/21

  • Live classes where children have the opportunity to interact and engage. 
  •  Engaging and fun activities, games, arts and crafts and quizzes.
  • Classes taught by experienced native speakers.
  • Children receive a certificate at the end of each term.


Your child's first class is FREE, then you will be invited to join the classes for the rest of the term. Children can join the class at any time during the term. Each class is £9, siblings in the same age group can also join free of charge.