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From baby massage to interactive classes for children to learn Spanish vocabulary through story-telling, songs, props, dancing and more!


Classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, classes also available for nurseries and preschools.

Bebitos, Mum and baby class 

Relaxed environment and teacher was very accommodating to mums and babies needs. Opportunities to review previous learning. Received little print out of songs in Spanish to sing to baby during massage which was a brilliant addition along with videos at end of the course. 

Bebitos, Mum and baby class 

Milena is a very good teacher went through the massage exercises several times, it is a calming place and really enjoyed taking part. What we enjoyed the most: Songs and time bonding with baby and have been able to practice at home daily.

Bebitos, Mum and baby class

Overall fantastic, relaxing and informative sessions with Milena. Milena was very attentive and helpful to the mothers and babies. What  we enjoyed the most: Really gave me an opportunity to bond with my baby in a relaxing environment and introduce the Spanish language for the first time. Was able to learn at my baby’s pace and able to attend to her needs without interrupting the class/learning.

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