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At El Recreo Spanish, we understand the importance of learning Spanish language in a fun and interactive way. That’s why we offer a dedicated learning Spanish program for all ages, from children under 3yrs, to primary and secondary school age children, to adults. Our focus is to provide an enjoyable learning experience, so that you can learn Spanish while having fun. Book now

We use a variety of methods, from games, activities, to stories and songs, to ensure that Spanish learning is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. So, if you’re looking to learn Spanish, look no further than El Recreo Spanish. From Spanish holiday camps to Spanish online classes, in-person classes, extra curricular lessons in schools and nurseries

Do you have a question about our classes? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions

El Recreo Spanish for Children under 3 yrs 

Spanisg Baby class

2 months to non-walkers
baby massage with gentle intro to Spanish.

Spanish sessions for babies and toddlers

6 months - 2.5 yrs
Learn Spanish vocabulary through story-telling, songs, props, dancing and more!

Spanish sessions for toddlers

Super Chiquititos
2 yrs - 3 yrs
Learn Spanish through lively Spanish songs, games, story-telling, arts & crafts, dancing and more!

Our program for children under 3 yrs is also available to nurseries and preschools.

Spanish Program for Primary School Age Children

Spanish classes for kids

Recreitos - Beginners
3-5 / 5-7 / 8 -12 years
 children to Spanish language and culture in our age-specific, interactive and fun classes. 

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Recreitos  Intermediate/Advanced
3-6, 7-11 yrs 
Immerse children in our age-specific and engaging environment to further enhance their vocabulary and conversational skills.

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Reading & Writing
Beginners / 4-7 yrs 
Intermediate / 4-
7 & 8-12 yrs 
Provide children with a solid foundation in essential Spanish literacy skills.

Our Spanish program is also available to primary schools. We offer PPA cover, extra curricular clubs as well as workshops. 

Spanish Program for Secondary School age Children

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KS3 - General Spanish
12-14 yrs
Providing students with a range of Spanish skills including listening, reading, speaking and writing interventions.

GCSE Spanish, Spanish classes for teenagers, secondary school childre

KS4 - GCSE Spanish
Children 14-16 years 
Develop children's
 Spanish language skills with confidence. Intensive programme aiming to prepare students to sit their GCSE exams.

Our KS3 and KS4 GCSE Spanish program is also available online

El Recreo Spanish Program for Adults

Spanish classes for adults

Adult classes 
Beginners- Intermediate/Advanced
Discover the joy of learning Spanish with our adult classes tailored to every proficiency level.

El Recreo Spanish, more Spanish...

Spanish classes online for children

Online Classes
Group classes for children 4-16 yrs
Adult classes

Private one to one

Spanish sessions for nurseries

Nurseries and Schools
Tailored classes for educational settings

Spanish School holiday activities for children

Holiday Camps 
Fun activities for the school holidays

All levels welcome
Spanish speaking kids and beginners in London
Spanish sessions for children, 
and adults
Sessions include songs, story telling, games, dancing,
arts & crafts  and more!
Adult, GCSE, Holiday camps, Events and more!


Gabriela, mother of two children attending intermediate/advanced classes

We love El Recreo. We like spending time at the weekend here and it has been a very good reinforcement for our 2 boys to speak Spanish, play and make more friends since they are very little. We have been with El Recreo for 5 years and continue to enjoy Saturdays here. Our kids learn language and culture and the teachers are lovely.

Mother of a child attending our Holiday Camp

My daughter  had a great time and she found great variety in the topics. Overall it was a great experience for her and she is very excited about  Spanish class now. Thank you!

Adult program student and father of three children also attending classes

I love El Recreo classes for adults.I have learned so much for the last three months.The school provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment.I cannot wait to start the new term with El Recreo!

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