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Spanish lessons for schools and nurseries

Supporting children, teenagers, families and adults build up


their Spanish language and cultural skills

Exploring language and culture
Encourage creativity
Develop language skills
Learning and understanding of the world around us
Develop new friendships & have fun



Spanish classes for kids, Spanish classes for adults


El Recreo Spanish Franchise, teach Spanish in the UK

El Recreo Spanish offers Spanish classes for children of all ages from babies, toddlers, primary and secondary school aged children and adults.

We offer engaging and effective Spanish lessons for learners of all ages, our experienced teachers create a supportive and stimulating environment where students thrive. Through interactive activities, games, songs, storytelling and more, we make sure every class is filled with excitement and learning.

For our littlest learners, our Spanish baby and toddler program classes provide a nurturing space for early exposure to Spanish. We focus on building a strong foundation of vocabulary through play-based activities and songs.

Our Spanish lessons for primary and secondary school-aged children are designed to make language learning engaging and fun. Encouraging active participation in conversations and self-expression in Spanish. Our program aligns with the national school curriculum, supporting academic progress and boosting confidence in language use. Online group and private classes also available.

Adult learners will find our classes dynamic and effective, whether starting from scratch or looking to enhance existing skills. We understand the unique challenges and motivations of adults, tailoring classes to specific needs and goals. From practical conversational skills to cultural insights, our adult classes offer a well-rounded language learning experience. Online private classes also available. 

At El Recreo Spanish, we're committed to providing fun and age-specific Spanish classes for all, fostering a love for the Spanish language and culture. Join our vibrant community of learners and embark on an exciting journey of language discovery. Sign up for a trial class today and experience the joy of learning Spanish with us!

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baby massage with Spanish

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga for babies 2 months to non-walkers 

Spanish sessions for babies and toddlers in Greenwich, Eltham, Sidcup, Kent, Maidstone, Croydon, Kidbrooke, Blackheath

Children from
6 months - 2.5 yrs

Spanish classes for toodlers and babies in Greenwich, Eltham, Sidcup, Kent, Maidstone, Croydon, Kidbrooke, Blackheath

Super Chiquititos
Children from
 yrs - 3.5 yrs

Spanish lessons for kids in Greenwich, Eltham, Sidcup, Kent, Maidstone, Croydon, Kidbrooke, Blackheath

Children from
3.5 - 6 years and 7 -11 years 

GCSE Spanish, Spanish lessons for teenagers, secondary school children Spanish classes

GCSE Spanish
Children 11-16 years 
KS3 and KS4

Spanish classes for adults. Spanish lessons in Greenwich, Eltham, Sidcup, Kent, Maidstone, Croydon, Kidbrooke, Blackheath

Adult classes 
Beginners- Intermediate/Advanced

Spanish classes online for children. Spanish lessons for children, adults and teenagers

Online Classes
Group classes for children 4-16 yrs
Adult classes

Private one to one

Spanish sessions for nurseries and preschools

Nurseries and Schools
Tailored classes for educational settings

Spanish School holiday camps, activities for children in school holidays

Holiday Camps 
Fun activities for the school holidays

All levels welcome
Spanish speaking kids and beginners in London
Spanish sessions for children, 
and adults
Sessions include songs, story telling, games, dancing,
arts & crafts  and more!
Adult, GCSE, Holiday camps, Events and more!

Join our YouTube channel for fun free Spanish learning activities. 

Learn ABOUT US HERE. If you want to request more info or have any questions, please contact us here or email


Gabriela, mother of two children attending intermediate/advanced classes

We love El Recreo. We like spending time at the weekend here and it has been a very good reinforcement for our 2 boys to speak Spanish, play and make more friends since they are very little. We have been with El Recreo for 5 years and continue to enjoy Saturdays here. Our kids learn language and culture and the teachers are lovely.

Mother of a child attending our Holiday Camp

My daughter  had a great time and she found great variety in the topics. Overall it was a great experience for her and she is very excited about  Spanish class now. Thank you!

Sebastian, attending adult classes and father of three children also attending classes

I love El Recreo classes for adults.I have learned so much for the last three months.The school provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment.I cannot wait to start the new term with El Recreo!

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