Children under 4 years

Spanish online sessions for children are fun and interactive. Children learn through songs, stories, games and more. Parents also receive online learning resources for home learning.


Children 4-11 yrs old

Spanish online tailored sessions from one to one to maximum 3 children. To request more information please contact us here


Children 3-11 yrs old

Spanish online sessions grouped by children's age (3- 6 yrs and 6-11 yrs) and linguistic ability (Beginners and Spanish speaking). Children learn through games, songs, fun activities and more. Parents also receive learning resources for home learning.


Children 4- 11 years

Fun and interactive summer camp sessions for children to learn through lively Spanish children's songs, games, story-telling, arts & crafts, plasticine workshop (please note you will need to buy materials for this workshop, details will be sent beforehand) and story making.

Learning Spanish with El Recreo is always fun. Children learn through songs, games, arts & crafts, stories and more!. Join our group, private classes or free Spanish story time every Thursday at 10:30 am LIVE on Facebook, join our YouTube channel for fun bilingual activities. 
To book any of our sessions please contact us here or email