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Baby massage and baby yoga with Spanish for mums and babies

Babies from 2 months to non walkers

Connect with your baby through nurturing touch, learn Spanish songs and rhymes suitable for your day to day experiences with your baby. Including relaxation techniques for adults.


Bebitos - Baby massage and baby yoga


Run by a qualified baby massage and baby yoga instructor. Our classes aiming to help mums to gently introduce Spanish to their babies from very young age, the class is taught in English, rhymes and songs in Spanish, so you don't need to speak Spanish to attend the sessions, in fact you will learn the language along with your baby. 

Join a BABY MASSAGE experience for parents and learn how to massage your baby using a range of massage strokes that can be very beneficial not only for baby, but also for you! Massage is a wonderful and special gift that you can share with your baby. Touch is your baby’s most developed sense at birth and through it you can communicate love, security and trust. Baby massage can help you to understand your baby’s cues and develop your ability to listen and respond through the creation of a special time together. With your instinctual, loving touch, you can lay down the foundations which can help you to build a happy and confident relationship with your baby for the future. 

The sessions are one-hour long (one per week), coconut oil is included, as well as handouts with images and explanations so that you remember the routine and practice it at home, and you also get a certificate of attendance. 


Benefits for your baby: 
- Relief from colic, wind, constipation and teething pain
- Develops body awareness and coordination
- Helps develop trust and build a sense of security
- Increases relaxation and encourages deep sleep
- Helps tone floppy muscles
- Strengthens bonding and communication
- Stimulates baby’s digestion, nervous and immune systems
- Helps baby to feel loved, valued and respected

Benefits for parents: 
- Helps you gain a deeper understanding of your baby's behaviour and body language
- Provides an enjoyable opportunity for you to spend one-to-one time with your baby
- Offers relaxing effects of giving your baby a massage, you feel relaxed too
- Increases confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby
- Builds social networks as you will meet new parents
- Provides a life-long parenting skill


Bebitos, Mum and baby class 

Relaxed environment and teacher was very accommodating to mums and babies needs. Opportunities to review previous learning. Received little print out of songs in Spanish to sing to baby during massage which was a brilliant addition along with videos at end of the course. 

Bebitos, Mum and baby class 

Milena is a very good teacher went through the massage exercises several times, it is a calming place and really enjoyed taking part. What we enjoyed the most: Songs and time bonding with baby and have been able to practice at home daily.

Bebitos, Mum and baby class

Overall fantastic, relaxing and informative sessions with Milena. Milena was very attentive and helpful to the mothers and babies. What  we enjoyed the most: Really gave me an opportunity to bond with my baby in a relaxing environment and introduce the Spanish language for the first time. Was able to learn at my baby’s pace and able to attend to her needs without interrupting the class/learning.

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