Please help us by following the following guidance to be able to continue running our classes in the building. 


In the Government last updates has been stated that 'children's groups' can run in all three tiers. As more parts of the nation enter higher tiers of alert, please be reassured that baby and toddler and children's classes are still allowed to continue provided they are educational.

The main difference is that parents will no longer be able to socialise with others before, during or after the sessions (whereas before you were allowed to e.g. come with a friend, or interact in a group up to 6). 

Therefore, we have to be more careful and strict with our guidance to keep us all safe.


Please consider the following when attending the classes:


Parents MUST wear a face covering at all the times when in the building (and during the classes for CHIQUITITOS CLASS)

Please maintain social distancing at all the times

Use the fresh ground entrance as a way in and the door on west mount road as an exit to help us keep the one way system

Please make sure you sanitise your hands when entering the class and whenever needed it.

Please let us know if someone in your household is unwell (online classes are available for missed classes)

The entrance to the building will still be through Fresh Ground on Haimo Road, exit is through the door on Westmount road (this is very important so we can have a one way system) this means if you want to return to the Cafe you will need to exit through the wooden doors on westmonunt road and enter again through the cafe entrance. 


Please bring your own hand sanitiser, we will have hand sanitiser facilities but we recommend to also have a hand sanitiser of yourself (children can also bring their own one if you wish so) and their own pencils and colouring pencils. (we will have these on each classroom too that will be sanitised), but   you are welcome to bring your own. 

Please arrive on time to drop off and pick up as we have different times to avoid congestion.