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Christmas Spanish activities for children - Actividades Navideñas en Español para niños

We love this season of the year! why not take this opportunity to learn, play and enjoy in Spanish? Here we created some Spanish activities for you to enjoy with your family.

CALENDARIO NAVIDEÑO, join us as we celebrating LA NAVIDAD each day in Spanish with this interactive CALENDARIO NAVIDEÑO with songs, games, interactive activities and even a digital BINGO for you to enjoy with family and friends, please note there is another downloadable format of the bingo below.

BINGO, you can find here the printable version of the bingo

Christmas Bingo Printable (2)
Download PDF • 65.99MB

VILLANCICOS listen to these festive traditional songs from the popular BURRITO SABANERO to NOCHE DE PAZ, here you have this playlist, enjoy!

GAMES, make sure you have a go, these interactive games help you learn the basic vocabulary LA NAVIDAD

Have fun with these tips and share with your friends

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