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Are you passionate about Spanish language, culture and community? Start your own business with us.

Picture: First franchisee on the launching day event- Kent

We at El Recreo Spanish franchise understand that starting a business is a big decision, specially when there is little or not funding. We want to make sure you know there are multiple funding options to help you get started from bank loans, government initiatives to help for start ups. We are here to help you in this journey from the start.

Our Franchise business opportunity includes one to one coaching sessions, so you get personalised help from the start, regular trainings to help you learn as your business grows as well as ongoing support from our franchise community, that way you learn and grow with like minded businesses like yours.

Our franchisees have access to our operations manual where you have everything you need in hand as well other manuals to support all the business areas, even when you need to take personnel on board.

We will guide you to start your bilingual community in your location and deliver our proven successful classes, dedicated aged-groups and language ability sessions that specialise in Spanish learning from very young age to primary and secondary school children to adults this way you can confidently start a successful business.

Find a flexible job and enjoy the journey, this way you can work around your personal commitments and be part of a great community. Find out more about the franchise opportunity here Would you like some inspiration? listen to the podcast in English with personal coach Patricia Manley.

Would you like some more inspiration? read or listen to the interview in Spanish in the Colombian news EL ESPECTADOR.

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