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10 Best Youtube channels for children to learn Spanish

In this blog we delve into the world of Spanish language learning for the little ones, exploring the 10 Best YouTube Channels that transform Spanish lessons into engaging adventures. Because, in the realm of early education, the right blend of fun and learning can set the stage for a lifelong love affair with language.

10 Best Youtube channels for children to learn Spanish10 Best Youtube channels for children to learn Spanish

Super simple Español, nursery rhymes and great children's songs in Spanish, Age recommended - from babies

Toy Cantando, is a great channel with old and traditional Spanish songs from Spanish speaking countries, educating while having fun. Age recommended - from babies

Canticos - Bilingual Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs, Sing, Play & Learn with Canticos through the power of catchy tunes and nursery rhymes in English and Spanish.Each nursery rhyme is performed at a pace that allows toddlers to follow along in both languages. Keep your pollitos singing and learning by subscribing to our channel. Recommended for all ages.

El Mono Sílabo, this channel has great songs and lessons for children to learn the sounds of the letters in Spanish and the syllables. It is a great resource for children to identify the sounds in Spanish once children start reception at school, this way they can start to differentiate both languages and the basics for reading. Here are the syllables MA, ME, MI, MO MU, enjoy! Recommended for children from 3 yrs old.

Pica pica, is an excellent channel with performance, music, dance and games where children can learn traditional Spanish speaking countries children songs in a fun way. Recommended for all ages.

La Gallina Pintadita, ma good resource if you want to introduce a great variety of songs for your children for different ages, with Spanish nursery rhymes old and new. Recommended for all ages.

Canticuenticos música para chicos, makes a contribution to children's songbook, with original compositions inspired by Latin American rhythms, with the desire to emotionally connect boys and girls with their own cultural heritage. Recommended for all ages.

Telelingo,  two bilingual speech-language pathologists. They created this channel to fulfil the growing need for Spanish-only educational content. Each video is carefully designed using evidence-based strategies to promote speech and language development.

Canciones Infantiles LooLoo, children's favourite nursery rhymes and songs with lyrics. With fun 3D animated videos are perfectly tailored for their development, educational entertainment for babies, toddlers, and children of all ages.

El Reino Infantil, with stories and songs promoting communication, cooperation, and creativity. Recommended for all ages.

And lastly, a Bonus channel El Recreo Spanish, is a growing channel with playlist for different topics, and Spanish songs for children of all ages. With educational videos and songs.

We hope you enjoy there 10 Best Youtube channels for children to learn Spanish, for more free Spanish learning resources visit here or if you are looking for Spanish classes for children, teenagers and adults in different locations in England or online visit



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