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¡Vamos a la playa! Summer vocabulary in Spanish

As the summer season approaches, it's time to soak up the sun and enjoy some fun at the beach.

Traveling to Spain this summer

Whether you're planning a vacation to a Spanish-speaking country or just want to expand your language skills, learning some summer vocabulary in Spanish will definitely come in handy. In this blog post, we'll explore a variety of words and phrases related to the beach, the sea, and everything under the sun. ¡Prepárate para disfrutar del verano!

Playa y Mar (Beach and Sea):

  • Playa (beach)

  • Arena (sand)

  • Mar (sea)

  • Olas (waves)

  • Conchas (shells)

Learn Spanish

Actividades (Activities):

  • Nadar (to swim)

  • Tomar el sol (to sunbathe)

  • Hacer un castillo de arena (to build a sandcastle)

  • Surfear (to surf)

Spanish lessons

Ropa y Accesorios (Clothing and Accessories):

  • Traje de baño (swimsuit)

  • Sombrero (hat)

  • Gafas de sol (sunglasses)

  • Toalla (towel)

  • Protector solar (sunscreen)

Comida y Bebida (Food and Drink):

  • Agua de coco (coconut water)

  • Ensalada de frutas (fruit salad)

  • Helado (ice cream)

  • Limonada (lemonade)

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Spanish summer vocabulary

Here we are sharing some ideas to learn Spanish this Summer. With songs, flashcards, printable activities and songs.

Summer Flash cards - El verano, you can print them out and play games with your children, call them out and repeating is a great way to get the vocabulary. Children are visual learners, play games such 'spot the item' when going out ask them to repeat the words they learnt. Click below to download your flashcards.

Flashcards-El Verano (1)
Download PDF • 2.38MB

Sing and dance in Spanish, we have prepared a selection of summer songs for you and your family click here.

Summer downloadable activities in Spanish, if you are travelling and are looking for ways to keep them busy you can print our ACTIVIDADES DE LOS COLORES with games and colouring pages. Recognising images and learn vocabulary in the target language can help understand the differences or the similarities between languages.

Download the booklet below:


Actividades Los Colores
Download PDF • 958KB

Play lots of fun games outdoors, make the most of the weather and play games while learning Spanish. Here are some examples of games you can play with your family:

  1. La lleva, or in English "it"

  2. Congelados or in English "frozen"

  3. Veo, veo... or in English "I spot with my little eye"

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Have fun with these tips and share with your friends

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