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5 activities you can do with your little ones this Easter while learning Spanish

Thinking of ways to keep children busy this Easter while learning the target language?

Here are some activities we think might help you.

1. Arts and crafts in Spanish at home, you can get some craft or junk materials from your home. We have this easy activity with just few materials check click here. Vocabulary you can learn:

a. Pollito - Chick

b. Huevo - Egg

c. Gallina - Hen

2. Sing and dance in Spanish, music plays an important role when learning a new language, here we have prepared a selection of easter songs for you and your family click here.

Actions you can do:

a. Hop like a bunny - Brinca como un conejo

b. Rise your sunny hands - Sol solecito song

c. Make the chicks sounds - Los pollitos dicen...

3. Enjoy Easter stories, listening to stories in the target language while watching videos help children understand the story. Not only they will learn new vocabulary but will immerse in the story in another language. We found some stories for you to enjoy this season.

a. E conejo de pascua here

b. Caillou y el conejo de pascua here

c. Las gallinas de la señora Sato here

4. Play board games in Spanish, children love board games from memory cards to BINGO. Recognising images and learn vocabulary in the target language can help understand the two different languages or the similarities in pronunciation, additionally you can explore different traditional games such as "póngale la cola al burro" in Easter "póngale la cola al conejo" and much more.

Here are some board games you can print and play at home while learning Spanish:

a. Easter domino

La Pascua Domino (1)
Download PDF • 959KB

b. Easter word search

Sopa de letras -Easter
Download PDF • 1.18MB

c. Easter BINGO

La Pascua BINGO (2)
Download PDF • 6.78MB

5. Practice all the vocabulary during the Easter holidays, Play games such as "who can remember what this is called in Spanish...." making learning fun, or during your activities recall the vocabulary with your children you will be amazed of how much they learn as long as we expose them to the target language.

Have fun with these tips and share with your friends

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