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5 Tips to help you and your family learn Spanish at home

Most of us as parents are looking for ways to keep children learning at home.

Here are some suggestions we think might help you.

1. Create a Spanish reading routine at home, you can start with once a week where you can read a new book in Spanish. It could be a bedtime routine or after lunch for a quiet time. We have prepared some stories in Spanish that you might want to check click here. We also recommend @traecuentos and @pinatabookstore for great Spanish books

2. Sing and dance in Spanish, no matter what is your family's Spanish level you can start by listening and grasping a couple of words, then a couple of sentences, and eventually you will get it all. Music plays an important role in the Spanish speaking countries, you will also learn traditions and culture, click here are some playlists we have created for different learning topics.

Learn Spanish with us. Subscribe to our channel for videos and songs here

3. Meet friends and family, there is a lovely African proverb: 'It takes a village to raise a child' and we think it takes a whole community to raise a bilingual child. Surrounding yourself with like minded families will bring more opportunities to your child's exposure of the target language. Not only they will interact and socialise in Spanish but also you are creating your bilingual community where you can exchange tips. Meet our community of families raising bilingual children at our coming events; family films, story-time, and other cultural events check here

4. Cook in Spanish, children love to cook you can start by creating a list of ingredients in Spanish, then you can progress including the utensils you will need, the actions you will do and then you create a whole cooking experience for your family all in Spanish, we have created this interactive cooking pizza class for our online students that can help you get started, click here. additionally you can explore different traditional dishes from Spanish speaking countries such as: la causa peruana, arepas, tacos and much more.

5. Art & crafts time in Spanish, children love creating little pieces of art and what best time to learn a new language that when you are being creative and relaxed, a great tip among parents is to keep all your junk at home for great art family time.

To help you get started below is this printable activity for you to complete with your child.

Todo sobre mi
Download PDF • 186KB

We have also created a couple of art videos for you click here

6. Join weekly classes, El Recreo Spanish offers great in-person classes from babies to children of all ages and adults in Greenwich, Eltham, Sidcup and Kent or online if you are not near us. Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced, all levels welcome!

Have fun with these tips and share with your friends

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