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Celebrate Culture and Language with Carnivals

Carnival is joy, brightness, music, festivities, color, rhythm, and the sound of drums.

We have put together a few ways you can celebrate culture. Teaching children the great and diverse celebrations in different countries helps them understand the world around them. We hope you enjoy!

First let's start with some Spanish vocabulary, play around with this interactive resource, you can move the flash cards and listen to the words, please click on each card to listen.

PRINTABLE MASK (MÁSCARA) printable mask you can personalise with colours, sparkles, feathers etc... have fun while talking about the vocabulary in Spanish.

Mask (antifaz)

Feathers (plumas)

Colors (colores)

Have fun!

Download PDF • 48KB

CARNAVALITO MUSIC, listen to some of Spanish carnavalito songs here. Which one is your favourite?

Did you know El Recreo Spanish offers Celebrate Culture Workshops and taster lessons to pupils in primary schools? Contact us to book a free demo at or visit here: Spanish Language and Culture fun lessons for primary school children.

Join us in our next family event Carnavalito, with kids activities, traditional songs, music, and more surprises as we celebrate El Carnaval.

This event is exclusively for children and their parents as this is a family event.

Here some of the Carnivals happening between February and March each year:

Carnaval de Barranquilla - Colombia : The festivity brings together indigenous, African and European traditions brought from the discovery of America.

Carnaval de Venezuela: One of the most representative celebrations in Venezuela, stands out for the use of various costumes, typical music at full volume and the creation of caravans.

Carnaval de Ecuador:The most outstanding carnivals are found in the area of ​​Guaranda, Guano, Ambato, Guayaquil, Quito and Latacunga. Carnival is celebrated in various regions of Ecuador with popular elements such as water, oil, talc, eggs and ink.

Carnaval de Perú: Some of the carnivals happening in February are:

- Carnaval de Loreto: It is celebrated in Iquitos in the middle of February.

- Carnaval Riojano: Celebrated in SanMartín nearly at the end of February.

Have fun with these tips and share with your friends

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