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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th to October 15th, traditionally honours the cultures, traditions and contributions of Hispanic countries.

We have put together a few ways you can celebrate with your family, teaching children the great and diverse hispanic world helps them understand the world around them. We hope you enjoy!

PRINTABLE DECORATIONS (BANDERAS) you can print them out cut the edges and create a bunting to decorate your home, while also learning about the hispanic flags. Are there any similar flags? what are the main colours? have fun!

El Recreo_Hispanic Heritage Month Flag Pack
Download PDF • 6.37MB

MAPA DE LOS PAISES HISPANOHABLANTES, Spanish speaking countries map. Did you know there are 21 Spanish speaking countries? have a go with this printable activity pack and find where all the countries are.

Download PDF • 3.29MB

CANCIONES LATINAS PARA FAMILIAS, have a listen to some of the old and new traditional songs for children around the world. From salsa to cumbia and merengue enjoy these authentic rhythms at home here. Which one is your favourite?

JOIN CIRILO in this interactive presentation where he tells us about his country Colombia.

Hispanic Heritage Month Activity pack, enjoy this printable fun pack full of activities to learn about the flags of the hispanic countries a a few interesting facts.

Hispanic Heritage Month Activity pack
Download PDF • 4.50MB

Have fun with these tips and share with your friends

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