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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Spanish: A Multicultural Family Gathering

As the holiday season approaches, families across the United States gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, this year, why not adding this time of gratitude and togetherness and explore creative and fun ways for families to learn and practice Spanish while giving thanks. Regardless of your location or background, this presents a wonderful opportunity to partake in the celebration by embracing the learning of Spanish.celebration like learning Spanish.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Spanish

  1. Bilingual Gratitude Cards: Start the day by encouraging each family member to write down what they're thankful for on bilingual gratitude cards. Use both English and Spanish to express your appreciation. This activity not only promotes gratitude but also helps reinforce Spanish vocabulary (see template in the printable booklet). Celebrating Thanksgiving in Spanish.

  2. Thanksgiving Cooking Fiesta: Turn your Thanksgiving meal preparation into a Spanish cooking fiesta! Create bilingual recipe cards for traditional dishes like turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. As you cook together, practice the names of ingredients and cooking techniques in Spanish. This hands-on approach will make learning a flavourful experience.

  3. Language Learning Games: Gather the family for some Spanish language learning activities (see printable booklet). Try Spanish word association games or charades with Thanksgiving-themed vocabulary. This interactive approach will keep everyone engaged while reinforcing new words and phrases.

  4. Music and Dance: Add a touch of Latin flair to your celebration by incorporating Spanish music and dance. Create a Thanksgiving playlist featuring songs from Spanish-speaking artists, and perhaps learn a simple dance routine together. This festive addition promotes language learning through rhythm and movement.

  5. Thanksgiving Crafts: Engage in bilingual crafting activities with a Thanksgiving theme. Create decorations, place cards, or a gratitude banner using both English and Spanish expressions. This hands-on approach not only enhances language skills but also produces tangible reminders of the day.

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