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How to involve the whole family in your bilingual journey - learn Spanish

Here are some tips to help your family get the most in your bilingual/multilingual journey

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1. Set clear language goals: Discuss with your family why you want to raise bilingual children and what benefits they can have. Set clear language goals and ensure that everyone understands them.

2. Make it a family effort: Encourage everyone in the family to speak the target language, even if they are not fluent. This will help create an immersive language environment for your children.

3. Have a language schedule: Create a schedule for when each language will be spoken. For example, if one parent may speak the target language having a day speaking the language will help everyone set routines and learn new vocabulary. If no parent speaks the target language, make the effort to have some time during the day to learn it together.

4. Use bilingual resources: Incorporate bilingual resources, such as books, TV shows, and games, into your family's routine. This can help make learning fun and engaging for everyone. We at El Recreo create resources each month for you to learn, see our latest song below or subscribe to our channel for more resources here

Learn Spanish with us. Subscribe to our channel for videos and songs here

5. Encourage communication: Encourage open communication in the target language. Let your children know that it is okay to make mistakes and that you are there to help them learn, make it fun with our 5 Tips to help you and your family learn Spanish at home

6. Celebrate cultural traditions: Celebrate your Spanish speaking countries cultural traditions and holidays. This can help your children understand and appreciate their heritage or the world around them.

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7. Join weekly classes, El Recreo Spanish offers great Spanish classes for the whole family from babies to children of all ages and adults in Greenwich, Eltham, Sidcup and Kent or online if you are not near us. Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced, all levels of Spanish are welcome!

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Have fun with these tips and share with your friends

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